Brighter Than The Sun


She feels so full of sensation, emotion and a million other things. A million other things that push at her heart and Autumn thinks that if she feels one more thing, if she thinks one more thought, she will burst. It’s happiness, she thinks, happiness and greatness and power and love, and it’s pulsing through her, pushing so hard that Autumn fears she really will explode from the feel of it all. She cannot name this sensation – it is too great feeling to be labelled after all – but Autumn knows that it is one of the best things she has ever felt, because nothing has ever made the world so bright, so full of hope and opportunity and potential, like this sensation is now. Positivity seems to be spilling, spiralling out of her eyes, washing over the world and making it sparkle. She wants to cry, or scream, or jump – anything to express what is going on inside her right now. So she spins around, her arms spread out on either side, and smiles a smile so dazzling, so bright, it seems to be competing with the light of the sun.


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